New Challenge


Well, I have completed a post for each of the 44 books that Dr. Seuss wrote AND illustrated. Then I moved on to his posthumously published works. Now that I’m all caught up on those (until they release even more new material!) I have decided to go back and cover the books that he wrote, but did NOT illustrate.

For these books Dr. Seuss used another pen name. His full name is Theodore Seuss Geisel, so he shortened his first name and spelled his last name backwards to create the pen name Theo Lesieg. For one book only he also used the pen name Rosetta Stone. I’ll go into that more when that post comes up.

I have included these books at the bottom of my List of Children’s Books page on this blog. The titles should change color and become links to the posts as I complete them. Until then, happy reading!

Jack St.Rebor


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