Back on Track

I have updated Seussblog in a few ways:

1. There is now a separate page where you can view the books I used as resources with a little description of what each one has to offer.

2. There is also a separate page for Seuss in pop culture references, such as South Park and the Daily Show. Hopefully, this page will grow soon as I discover more references.

3. The list of Dr. Seuss children’s books now acts as a guid through Seussblog. Each title is a link to the post about that book.

4. I will be going back through each post and making them more cohesive in style so that each post follows a similar pattern of how information is laid out. Also, some of the images need to be updated because the links are no longer working.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Seussblog.

Jack St.Rebor

3 comments on “Back on Track

  1. Jack,

    I am so glad I found your blog. What a true joy!

    I’m a pastor and doing a Dr. Seuss Series from April 19th through May 31st. I have done Dr. Seuss series before, but this will be my best from over the years. I have referenced your site in our bulletin and will be directing our congregation to your site for background information that I do not have time within a service to offer.

    Thank you for your work and effort and creativity.

    Each week the sermon will be posted on our website, so you may want to take a look. I’m trying to be true to the book and to the scripture passage that I am using each week.

    Our site is:

    I am putting together a Wednesday night program on Dr. Seuss for next Wednesday, April 22nd. It will be titled dr. Seuss visits Hartwell.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. jackstrebor says:

    Somehow I completely missed your kind comment. Using Dr. Seuss’ theology is a very creative idea. I think it will help your congregation see many excellent morals and perspectives from a new and fun light. I appreciate that you are planning on staying true to the message of each book you’ve chosen, because words can so easily be twisted to take on the meaning that others want them to.

    Best of luck to you. I visited your website and the themes you’ve chosen seem very appropriate to each assigned book. I did want to let you know that it is Thidwick not Thudwick : )

    Thank you kindly.

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