The Plan!

Some of the underlying themes in Dr. Seuss’ more popular books.

I will post an entry every week dedicated to one of the 44 children’s books that Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated. They will be posted in order of publication and each post will have a pattern of the information shared.

  1. Title and summary of book
  2. My favorite quote from that book
  3. My favorite image from that book
  4. The bulk of the post will be about the general inspiration, history, and theme of that week’s book
  5. A fact about Dr. Seuss’ life

I will be learning as I write this. I have many biographies on Dr. Seuss and I am a collector of his work. I own all of his children’s books (many of them vintage.) I also own a compilation of his political cartoons and a wonderful book called the Secret Art of Dr. Seuss which is a collection of his private work that was never published.

The only tattoo I have is of a Dr. Seuss character which I got because I finally achieved my goal of owning each of the children’s books that he wrote and illustrated. I also do reproductions of his art.

I am very excited to start this blog. I promise that it will be filled with beautiful images and interesting information. There will be no wikipedia quotes or unchecked information. Everything I post will be from the books I’ll be reading along the way. There will be a few moments where I’ll just be so excited that I’ll talk about how much I love the book, but those moments will be clear and hopefully bookended with neat information.

I hope you enjoy, because I know I will!

Jack  St. Rebor


One comment on “The Plan!

  1. storyfairy says:

    Sounds like an awesome idea! I have not read any of the books you have posted about so far, so I think I’ll read them first, then I’ll comment on what you have to say. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on Dr. Seuss books and sharing my own!

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